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ATLANTIC SAFETY CONSULTANCY, INC. (ASCI) is a leading resource for protecting the safety and health of your personnel, facilities and business operations. We work to provide leadership in safety, industrial hygiene and fire protection to various industries in the Philippines. We provide our customers with timely and customized service we can be proud of.

Our mission is to provide leadership in safety, industrial hygiene and fire protection to our clients in the Philippines. Working closely with our clients, we will develop a culture of shared attitudes, values and practices where safety and health are accepted as key priority. We will encourage, throughout our client's organization, the stewardship of safety and health responsibilities, by setting  performance objectives and by providing leadership necessary to achieve and implement effective risk controls within our client's organization.

We will contribute to the business performance of our client by providing guidance on the protection of all assets: people, property and process. We will facilitate the development and communication of safety and health standards and essential information to our clients. We will actively support our client's business, assisting in the solving of problems which impact upon safety and health.


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